What's going on with the GSLAS ?

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Important news!

Now meeting at the garden center building at 1602 e 2100 s in Salt Lake. Regular meeting have been moved to the fourth Thursday of the month. The building is on the north-east corner of Sugarhouse Park. Head east on 2100 south and turn right into the parking lot on the corner of the park(just before Highland High School). Doors open at 6:30 and meetings start at 7:00 unless listed otherwise.

April 27-Jim Cummings will be presenting on keeping and breeding cichlids from Madagascar. Jim has great video and pictures.You don't want to miss this one>>>> Bio below anouncement.

The Living Planet Aquarium is looking for some fish:

Some South American fish we would like are marbled headstanders (Abramites), Larger "eartheater" cichlids like Geophagus altifrons, brasiliensis etc., possibly wild-looking Oscars(not albinos), medium to large aggressive/robust south american community fish, large peaceful South American fish(Uaru, Hero's, etc.), and medium to small peaceful community fish. The Volumes of the tanks I am stocking: 700 gallon medium/peaceful planted tank. 2500 gallon large to XL /Peaceful non-planted. And 3500 aggressive/large community tank (sparsely planted. Large Loricarids catfish(plecostomus) that people are trying to get rid of are also welcomed.
They would of course love donations, but may be willing to pay for quality fish of the right type.
Also, remember they need non-hybrid fish.
Contact adam.o@thelivingplanet.com
Let him know you heard about his need through the club. We have not had a relationship with the LPA since the move and we are currently trying to build one.

April 27-Jim Cummings will be presenting on keeping and breeding cichlids from Madagascar. Jim has great video and pictures.You don't want to miss this one>>>>
Hello members of the Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah. My name is Jim Cumming and I hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have been held captive by this wonderful hobby for over 60 years. Other than a fifteen year sojourn into the world of killifish (my online moniker is ‘notho2000’) I presently keep around 40 tanks with Central American, South American, Madagascan and Indian cichlids. I have given several presentations on my current passion, Madagascan cichlids, to the Saskatoon and Winnipeg Aquarium Societies, the New England Cichlid Association, the Bermuda Fry Angle, the Dead Fish Order, the Ohio Cichlid Association, the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, The Durham Region Aquarium Society and North East Cichlid Council. I love observing and collecting fish in their natural habitats and have collected extensively in Mexico, Belize, Cuba, and Brazil as well as the Southern U.S. I’m proud of my very active YouTube channel with around 470 videos at last count, highlighting the fish I keep, with the emphasis on maintenance and breeding. I moderate and support several Facebook forums, contribute regularly to other on-line forums as well (CRC, ACA, MFK) and have had articles published in Amazonas and Cichlid News magazines. I’m really looking forward to avidly spreading the word on this magnificent group of fishes, the cichlids of Madagascar. See you April 27th. The Cichlids of Madagascar, ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ Talk Outline • Where Madagascar is. • How large it is. • How it got to where it is • Its importance in global distribution of all cichlids • The present state of the land: the good, the bad, the ugly. • The described genera of the endemic cichlids • Species that I have had experience with. • A more detailed look at some species. • The people behind the cichlids. • Saving a species from extinction. • The future of its endemic fishes, and fauna in general.


 We also want to thank Nic and his family for their support by letting us use their nice meeting room in the past. Their facility is top notch so if your company needs a quality spot for meeting or presentations call them At the Ibarra-Brito Centre.

Thanks for supporting your club. Your help and ideas are always encouraged.

I have set up a facebook page under The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society(can anyone help me figure out how to tag it so people can search GSLAS and have it come up?). Like the site and post fish stuff and possitive club suggestions.