What's going on with the GSLAS ?

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Current events

Important news!

Now meeting at the garden center building at 1602 e 2100 s in Salt Lake. Regular meeting have been moved to the fourth Thursday of the month. The building is on the north-east corner of Sugarhouse Park. Head east on 2100 south and turn right into the parking lot on the corner of the park(just before Highland High School). Doors open at 6:30 and meetings start at 7:00 unless listed otherwise


September 22 Mike Helwig This guy is probably the best breeder in the USA. He is hard to get, has written many articles and books, and has bred some of the most obscure fish possible.

Siluriformian Serendipity

This talk covers my approach to breeding oddball catfish, embracing the “happy accident”, including tips and tricks for combining the right conditions, feeding the right foods, and patience to get spawns from reluctant catfish. I include specific
examples of how I took advantage of serendipity with fish from several families of catfish: Banjo Catfish, Hoplos, Moth Catfish, Pimelodids, Synodontis, Wasp Catfish, Wood Cats and more, with a surprise description of a totally unexpected (do not try this at home!) spawn at the end!

October 15th Big auction! Get your fish breeding to sell and come get some great new fish. We will be working with a guy who runs auctions, so look for some positive changes in the way the auction runs. Doors open at 12:00, starts at 1:00

November will will be changing the date because the fourth Thursday is on Thanksgiving.


We also want to thank Nic and his family for their support by letting us use their nice meeting room in the past. Their facility is top notch so if your company needs a quality spot for meeting or presentations call them At the Ibarra-Brito Centre.

February 25 was Gary Lange. If you missed this, you missed out(maybe you can get some of the awesome rare rainbows from us who were there). Rainbows come in all sizes and will live with a wide variety of fish(some can go with guppies, while others can handle cichlids) and the colors are amazing.

Mike Helwig is coming in September.

Thanks for supporting your club. Your help and ideas are always encouraged.

I have set up a facebook page under The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society(can anyone help me figure out how to tag it so people can search GSLAS and have it come up?). Like the site and post fish stuff and possitive club suggestions.