What's going on with the GSLAS ?

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Current events



Important news!

Now meeting at the garden center building at 1602 e 2100 s in Salt Lake. Regular meeting have been moved to the fourth Thursday of the month. The building is on the north-east corner of Sugarhouse Park. Head east on 2100 south and turn right into the parking lot on the corner of the park(just before Highland High School). Doors open at 6:30 and meetings start at 7:00 unless listed otherwise.

Our next meeting will be January 26 at the garden center building at 7:00. We want to do some workshops on DIY projects. We will have someone showing glass cutting, tank building, and repair. Also, a great egg hatching device(like an egg tumbler, but better), and we will have parts there( not sure yet) or tell you where you can get them or we can group order. Also, we will have some clay there if you want to build some pleco or other caves, and I will show you some I built for apistos that I remove from the parents with the eggs in(it's set up so you can hook air up to it to keep the eggs good) with some modification it might work for shell dwellers as well. We have arranged to have the clay fired and will bring the finished product to the next meeting. Clay and egg hatcher parts will have a cost so bring some money if interested. If you have the ability to demonstrate building something that others may be interested in let me know.


 We also want to thank Nic and his family for their support by letting us use their nice meeting room in the past. Their facility is top notch so if your company needs a quality spot for meeting or presentations call them At the Ibarra-Brito Centre.

Thanks for supporting your club. Your help and ideas are always encouraged.

I have set up a facebook page under The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society(can anyone help me figure out how to tag it so people can search GSLAS and have it come up?). Like the site and post fish stuff and possitive club suggestions.