What's going on with the GSLAS ?

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Current events



May 8th will be a great meeting with Steve Lunblad. He will share his years of experience with peacock (Aulonocara)cichlids(he may even bring some high quality pure strains with him to auction.).Doors open at 6:30, meeting starts at 7:00.

Our regular meetings are currently being held at the Iberra-Brito Centre at 438 e. 200 s. in SLC. This location is really easy to find, it worked out well last month, and there is off street parking(just pull in the drive).   See new meeting location section for more details.

Steve Lundblad has been in the aquarium industry for over three decades. He is widely known as an Aulonocara expert and has maintained more than thirty species of Aulonocara for well over twenty years. He is one of the few that can easily tell the young female species apart. He has given many presentations to aquarium clubs across the nation and internationally and has received numerous awards for his breeding and conservation efforts. Recently, on his latest trip to Lake Malawi he assisted in the reintroduction of Pseudotropheus Saulosi to the Taiwan reef where the species is nearly gone due to the popularity in the aquarium hobby and overfishing. He operates The Cichlid Exchange. He is very active with the American Cichlid Association and has attended every convention since 1986. To learn more about his company history and to view some great fish photos visit his websites at www.wetspottropicalfish.com and www.cichlidexchange.com 


January 2015 I know this one is a long ways off but we don't know how much longer we will be able to get  Add Konings!!!!! so tell everybody to come see a fish world legend while you can.


More details to follow